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Matt and Steph

Andrew Poerschke

Yesterday Andrew and I had the honor of photographing the wedding of Matt and Steph. Like all weddings the day was full of all of the exciting details- flowers, hair, makeup, pretty dresses, delicious food, music and dancing. However, this wedding was different in an incredibly special way. Although Stephanie's mother Kathy could not be there to help with all of these details, she was very much present in spirit and was the reason all the details came together. I have never witnessed such love and care between family members- on both Stephanie's side, and Matt's side of the family. To see their family and friends join together to celebrate their love was one of the most joyous days I've ever seen. Although emotional at times, the day was full of laughter, dancing and excitement because the people at this wedding understood that the day was about so much more than just the little details- it was about Love. It was about God's love for his people- that he cares for them and brings them together and blesses them. It was about the love that we give and receive from our friends- that friendships are sometimes the only thing that get us through many parts of life. It was about the love of their parents who brought them up and taught them and raised them to be the amazing people they are today. And it was about the love that Matt and Steph have for one another- a type of love that persists through it all- the good and the bad. 

Matt and Steph- THANK YOU for allowing us to share in this day with you. Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Kathy in person, I truly got to know her yesterday through spending time with and witnessing the love of your family and friends. Also- ya'll know how to throw one heck of a party!!! :) 

Here are just a few images from the day- many more to come!!