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Liz & Eddie

Andrew Poerschke

Like the majority of my clients, Liz is a nurse I work with at the Birth Center. She is literally one of the sweetest, kindest, most humble humans you will ever come across. Ever since we met she has been a huge fan of my photography, and I have been a huge fan of her! For a long time I've joked with her saying, "Liz, you need to get engaged so you can be up on my website too!!!" In comes Eddie, Liz's long-time boyfriend who is just as lovely as her! I was thrilled when I heard of their engagement in February, and couldn't wait until the spring when we could finally do our shoot!! We decided to do the shoot in Oakland where Eddie went to school and Liz has worked over the last few years. We then went up to Schenley Park and of course like any good night in Oakland, ended up at Dave & Andy's for Ice Cream! Yum!! Thank you Liz and Eddie for a great evening- enjoy the photos!!! (Also, I would DIE for hair like Liz's!! It's a photographers dream!!)