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Watlington Photo Shoot

Rachel Poerschke

As you may notice in our "families" category, there is a particular family that seems to come up quite a bit in our photographs.  

Meet the Watlingtons.  



No, they are not models for Southern Magazine, or a pro golf player and his trophy wife, although they look like they could be either.. Alex is actually a campus minister of RUF at Penn State, and Becki is his wife. Whit is the oldest boy, Miles is the middle child, and Monroe the youngest. Andrew and I will forever be thankful for the friendship and mentorship we have with Alex and Becki. 

They had one of the biggest roles as they helped us grow throughout college before we started dating, into our dating relationship, through our engagement and now into our marriage.  

Although we now live in Pittsburgh and they are still in State College they are still our favorite people to take pictures of- in fact they are most of the reason we really began our photography endeavor, and they are still some of our biggest fans.  

To sum it up, we love them. And we love the craziness that becomes photo sessions with them. You never know how their children are going to respond to us and what kind of facial expressions they are going to give us. I wouldn't say the boys were in the best mood ever this time around, but as usual their hilarious personalities came through and it is absolutely impossible to see this pictures without getting a big smile on your face. 

We hope you enjoy the photos of this family as much as we do.